The Mission

*Make Newport News & the Peninsula a priority to provide participation opportunities & grow the game

*Create partnerships with like minded organizations that put the player first

*Offer quality, convenient and affordable playing opportunities for all ages & levels with a focus on grass roots development

*Develop the whole player in a fun, challenging & competitive environment

*Identify & develop coaches that have a genuine love for the sport 

*Provide exposure and a pathway for players looking to make it to the next level

*Create teams to play at an appropriate level with realistic expectations

*Instill Integrity, Character and a genuine love of the game to ALL VAFC members!

The Club Badge

VAFC FINAL LOGO 3-14-19.png

The 3 Stars on the VAFC Badge represent the following:

1st Star - Development of the whole player and person on and off the field 

2nd Star - Instill a Competitive mindset while keeping results in perspective

3rd Star - Always represent yourself, the team, the club, the state & our country with Honor 

VA:  Virginia with a focus on Newport News and the Peninsula

FC:  Stands for Football Club or Futsal Club building a community of supporters that share the values of VAFC

The Colors show support for our country and governing body providing participation opportunities for all ages, genders & levels

Professional Staff
Sporting Director - Kevin Darcy
Director of Coaching - Johnny Yu
Technical Director - Momoh Kanneh
Director of Player Development (Hampton) - Scott Canaday
Director of Player Development (Newport News) - Thomas Worrell
Goalkeeping Director - Travis Brown
Sports Performance Director - 
Club Administrator - Genelda Burke
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