Quality - Convenience - Affordability

*Club to focus on developing Peninsula players at convenient locations"On the Peninsula"

*A major focus will include futsal training for all of our players to insure proper touch, technique and creativity are in place

*In an effort to deliver quality, establish a strong club base and a great structure long term, VAFC will focus its efforts on developing players and teams from U9-U18/19 with a grass roots focus on players 5-12 year olds in an effort to build a technical foundation, provide personal attention, build a proper mentality and culture

*Priority for each individual player to meet technical standards set by the club staff so their foundation is solid, they can impact training and games, they find success at their level and are prepared to advance to the next level of play at the completion of each year

*Quarterly evaluations to challenge and track progress of players, provide feedback and a pathway to improve their craft

*Commitment to promote players within VAFC, to a higher level club and to college or a professional organization when the player is ready

*Realistic approach when forming teams and placing them in competitions appropriate for their level of play

*Established teams looking for a club to affiliate with for admin, players development and league/tournament access are welcome to join through our VAFC team affiliation program.  Contact us to discuss a plan to serve your teams needs.

*A true "Soccer School" with academic tracking, sports performance and a comprehensive college prep program will be offered weekdays at PSC Yorktown exclusive to VAFC players from 3:00-6:00PM each day.  In addition, these initiatives will be offered as part of our club curriculum and at an amazing value for our players

More to Come...